Schedule for Hoya's Cooking School

Hoya Cooks cooking studio is open daily and we do different classes for Koreans and Foreigners. We also do classes for groups and corporations as well do special dinners. If you love food and would like to do something special for your friends, family, and groups feel free to contact us and we'll customize something for you.

Monday 10am-12pm Bulgogi and Japchae Class 
Tuesday 1130am-10pm North Korean Popup Restaurant with Yun Jungcul 
Wednesday 10am-12pm North Korean Cooking Class 
Wednesday 1130am-10pm North Korean Popup Restaurant with Yun Jungcul 
Thursday Morning 10am-1pm Secrets of Fermentation Class 
Thursday Evening 7-9pm: Korean Side Dish and Lunch Box Class
Friday: Open. Contact for private class or group event.
Saturday: Open. Contact for private class or group event.
Sunday 1130am- 10pm North Korean Popup Restaurant with Yun Jungcul 

Seoul, Mapo-gu World Cup 3gil 27
서울특별시 마포구 월드컵로3길 27 (합정동 대광빌딩2층)
Phone: 02-326-3871 International Number +82-2-326-3871

The history of North Korea is inevitably tied to South Korea. Did you know that prior to the Korean War, that the capital city of Pyongyang was considered the center of learning, Christianity and business in Korea? It was and Seoul, was considered a country town. The food of North Korea is characterized by their emphasis on bringing out the natural flavors of the ingredients. This class is taught or overseen by Chef Yun Junchul. Who was a chef at the famous Okryugwan Restaurant in Pyongyang, North Korea before escaping to the south.

In this class you'll learn how to make North Korean food. The menu is seasonal and depends on the chef. Menus we have done in the past:

North Korean Dumplings and Cabbage Kimchi
Potato Pancakes and Onban: a light Korean soup

Contact us for the menu for the day.

Cooking Class Highlights
  • Learn about the food history of two iconic foods
  • Watch a Chef's Demonstration on how to expertly make these dishes
  • Make your own version of the food with the chef's help
  • Have a delicious meal that you prepared yourself
  • You'll get a copy of the recipe to take home
Class Details
  • Cost is 65,000 won a person, minimum 2 people.
  • Classes are at 10am-12pm 
  • Private Classes are available by request
  • For Reservations fill out the form below.

Fried Tofu Snack

Hoya Cooks is conveniently located at Hapjeong Station by exit 8. If you are coming to our cooking school, you should get out exit 8 of Hapjeong Station and make a U turn towards the corner. Make a left down World Cup 1 gil road and make the first right. Walk about a block and you'll see our building on the corner. Go up to the 2nd floor.

Seoul, Mapo-gu World Cup 3gil 27
서울특별시 마포구 월드컵로3길 27 (합정동 대광빌딩2층)
Phone: 02-326-3871 International Number +82-2-326-3871

email: Hoyacooks1 at gmail dot com

Chef and Teacher Hoya Lee!

Hokyoung Lee, or known to her friends as Hoya, has had a passion for food from very young. She always enjoyed cooking with her mother and grandmother. She has also had a passion to help others and she was an administrator for an adoptee organization that helps adoptees in their birth family search and adjust to their life in Korea. She has also volunteers at a halfway house for orphans and she has cooked a special meal for them since 2005.

Her love of Korean food and her desire to share this food with travelers made her pursue her doctorate degree in Korean food culture at Sookmyeong University.

In 2012, she opened up her own social cooking school where foodies have gathered to learn about food from experts, learn traditional foods and to have dinner parties. In  2014, the popularity of the space led her to open up a new cooking school which is now in a bigger space.

Her goal at her new space is to share Korean speciality dishes with foodies and visitors to Korea so they can later go home and share this information with their friends and families back home.

Hoya's mission is to share her love of cooking with others and to teach Korean cuisine for those looking to discover its unique flavors and food culture.

Hoya believes that Food is communication and cooking is its language.

Hoya Cooks Korean Cooking School
Business License: 120-06-19713
Address: Mapo-gu World Cup 3gil 27

Chef Yun Junchul
For those that would rather eat then cook, this is the perfect class for you. Hoya Cooks has a North Korean Popup Restaurant at her cooking school on Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday from 11:30am-10pm. The food is prepared by Chef Yun Junchul who was the chef at the famous Okyrugwan Restaurant in Pyongyang, Norht Korea before escaping down south. 

The food is subtle in flavor with a greater emphasis on the quality of ingredients. 
  • North Korean Full Course menu 70,000 (make reservations)
  • Duck Bulgogi 36,000 full 18,000 half
  • North Korean Beef Salad 12,000
  • Rice Blood Sausage (Chapsal Soondae) 12,000
  • Sampler Course 10,000
  • Fried Pig Skin 6,000
  • North Korean Mandu 1,500 each
  • North Korean Naengmyeon 10,000
  • Duck Rice Soup 8,000
  • Duck Noodle Soup 8,000
  • White Kimchi Noodle Soup 8,000
  • North Korean-style Kimchi is also available for takeout 1.5kg is 10,000 won

North Korean Pop-up Menu

120,000 a person.

Menu changes

North Korean kimchi
Myeontae shikhae 명태식해 fermented pollack side dish
Bean Sprout Kimchi 콩나물김치

Menu might change depending on the day

Yoon Joon Chul North Korean refugee and chef. He was a chef at Okrugwan the famous North Korean restaurant that was treasured by Leader... Dictator. Profile

만약 호야의 네이버 블로그를 찾고 계신다면, 여기를 클릭해주세요 방문해주셔서 감사합니다. 그리고 반나서 반가워요 

- 호야

For people looking for a trip to see more and explore the vastness of Korea, we offer Multi-day tours. These tours are designed for real explorers of Korea that are looking for more of the country and wilderness. Our streamlined and curated tours are designed so we don’t waste time traveling Instead, we spend the time seeing, eating and experiencing all the great things Korea has to offer. Our tours have been tried and tested so we don’t just freestyle and make things up on the fly. You spent months or years planning your vacation, we feel we should do the same. Our tours and guides have been featured on television programs such as Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown, the Kimchi Chronicles, Judy Joo’s Korean Food Made Simple, and National Geographic’s a Chefs Story.
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Tour Director: Daniel Gray

Day 1

? – Incheon
(meals on plane:)
Eats: Dinner Food Tour: Korean Barbecue, Street Food and Dessert
Take the plane and arrive around the designated time. Your guides will pick you up and take you your hotel. That evening, we’ll have a welcome food tour.

Day 2 Theme: Korean Favorites Cooking Class and Running Man

Breakfast at the Traditional market. Lunch: Cooking Class to make Korean favorites such as bulgogi and kimchi. Dinner: Beef Soup with barbecue dinner followed by Rice Beer and Korean Pancakes.
안냥하새요! Hello and welcome to Korea. You will be met by your fun and helpful guides at the airport and then we’ll load up the bus and take you toGwangmyeong Traditional Market, which is full of food, food stalls and shops. We’ll do a tasting of the best at the market such as hotteok pancakes, fish cake, fresh tofu, dried fish and then have noodles for lunch. After lunch, we’ll go to a cooking studio to learn how to watch a demonstration on how to make Korean food. Then we’ll work in groups to create a Korean menu with the help of your teachers and then we’ll have a feast. We’ll give everyone some time for exploration of the hip Hongdae district. That evening we’ll visit the famous restaurant village of Haeri to visit a famous beef soup restaurant and then we’ll visit another restaurant for rice beer and Korean kimchi pancakes. Over drinks, we’ll play some more fun games from the famous show Running Man

Day 3 Theme: Drama and the King’s Meal

Eats: Breakfast: Kimbap and Korean Ramen (like in the dramas!) Lunch: Korean Black Noodles or Red Noodles. Dinner: full-course royal court cuisine meal.
The day’s theme is Drama and we’ll start the day with some hot ramen with kimbap just like the dramas. Then we’ll take a drive (1.5 hour) to the MBC shooting location of Dramia which looks like a miniature Korean world. Many of Korea’s famous dramas have been shot in the location and it is great for taking pictures and dressing up in hanboks (at your cost). Afterwards, we’ll head to a historic city of Suwon to visit the famous Paldalmun Gate and Hwaseong Fortress. We’ll then visit the extremely bizarre, yet fun toilet museum. Dinner will be a full courseRoyal Court Cuisine Style Meal.

Day 4 Theme: The Sea and Spa and BBQ Cooking Class

Eats: Breakfast: Korean Car Rest Stop. Lunch: Fresh Clams and Noodle Soup. Taean Dinner: Jayeonsan shrimp and seafood.
Today’s theme is the sea and spa, so it will be a great way to get rid of all your stress. We’ll first pack up and get in our bus and go. We’ll make a stop at a Korean car rest stop for breakfast. Then we’ll drive (1.5 hours) to go to the beautiful island and sea capital of Taehan. We’ll get to see peopleclamming on the beaches and people drying anchovies. Afterwards, we’ll head to a local fish market to get a meal of clam soup with noodles and kimchi. We’ll spend the afternoon in the beautiful Chollipo Arboretum and check in at our pension hotel. You’ll be able to rest up, visit the beaches, or we’ll take you to a sauna resort to soak and relax. That evening, we’ll have a Korean barbecue and side dish cooking demonstration and then we’ll work together to make a Korean meal. Afterwards, we’ll have a great meal of the region’s famous shrimp and a variety of seafood at a festive barbecue and grill at our guest house. We’ll be grilling up shrimp, marinated beef, buttered kimchi shellfish, and making Korean crab soup. We’ll have a guitarist to sing everyone’s favorite hits and we’ll conclude the party by setting off some fireworks into the night.

Day 5 Theme: Jeonju, the Food Capital of Korea

Eats: Breakfast: Fruits and Snacks Lunch: Royal Court Bibimbap Dinner: Makgeolli with Korean tapas.
Those that would like to see the sunrise on the beach can get up, early to see. For the rest, we’ll have a late start today. Breakfast will be a lunchbox of some fruit, bread and other little treats. We’ll then pack up and depart to Jeonju (2.5 hours). Jeonju is considered thefood capital of Korea and many of the famous foods such as bibimbap and samgyetang originate from this region. We’ll lunch at a famous place for Jeonju-style bibimbap with a multitude of side dishes. We’ll check you into yourhanok: traditional guest house.Afterwards, we’ll walk to a traditional market to see a variety of different foods and products. We’ll meet a famous brassware maker and hear the wonderful sounds his bowls and plate ware make. You’ll get some free time to walk around the beautiful traditional village. In the evening, we’ll go to an energetic makgeolli (rice beer) bar where we’ll try numerous local favorites like soy marinated crab, onion pancakes, cockles, steamed skate, live octopus and much much more.

Day 6 Theme: Modern Seoul Departure

Jeonju- Seoul
Eats: Breakfast: Bean Sprout Hangover Soup Lunch: Contemporary Korean.
We’ll get up early and enjoy the Jeonju specialty: Bean Sprout and Rice Soup. The bean sprouts in this amazing dish are believed to cure hangovers. We’ll check out and then start the drive back to Seoul (3.5 hours). We’ll conclude our tour with a visit to a contemporary Korean restaurant where the chef will reinterpret rustic Korean dishes into fine dining dishes. After our meal, you’ll be able to explore the city on your own or you can get ready for your flight back to your home. 


  • Traditional Hawker Market Tour
  • Running Man Games
  • Drama Village Visit
  • Royal Court Cuisine Meal
  • Private Barbecue Party at the Beach
  • Traditional House (Hanok) Stay
  • Famous Bibimbap Meal
  • Modern Korean, Fine Dining Celebration Dinner
  • Led by famous food personality and photographer, Mark Wiens and the team from Delectable Travels

Group Travel Dates for our 6 day 5 night Group Tour 2015

September 7-12
September 21-26
October 3-10
October 19-23
November 9-14
November 23-28
December 7-12
December 21-26
Private Group Tours are available. Contact us for pricing


$1,800 US Dollars per person (minimum 2) (Ask for Group Rates for 3+ people, Children rates and corporate rates). Refer someone for the tour with your name and you’ll save $100 off your tour. Refer more than 5 people and you’ll get a discount and a nice gift. 
Save $100 USD by Referring a Friend
-All Meals and Activities that are stated
-Accommodations (Twin, single accommodation available for extra)
-Professional Guide Services
-Private Transportation
-Shared Copies of Photographs and Videos taken on the trip
-Flight to and from Korea
-Personal expenses
Notice: There needs to a minimum 2 people for this trip. If cancelled, all deposits and payments will be returned. Schedule might be changed due to extenuating circumstances such as weather. If a place is closed, a substitution will be made. Tour will be conducted in mainly in English with Mandarin translation if needed. Dietary or health restrictions should be told to the operator in advance of the tour.
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In this class you'll learn about the secrets of Korean flavor: Jangs. There are 3 essential fermented sauces or jangs:

  • Kanjang: Soy Sauce
  • Doenjang: Bean Paste
  • Gochujang: Red Chili Paste

Korean Red Chili Paste
There is also Ssamjang or a mix of doenjang and gochujang.

In this class we'll show the process of how to make these sauces from scratch so we'll be making gluten-free, natural sauces and we'll explain the science behind it. Students will learn how to make their own gochujang and soy sauce which they will be able to take home.

With the sauces, we'll make different dishes and dipping sauces.

Tastings of different soy sauces and fermentated pastes
  • Learn about the food history of Korean sauces
  • Watch a Chef's Demonstration on how to expertly make these dishes
  • Make your own version of the food with the chef's help
  • Have a delicious meal that you prepared yourself
  • You'll get a copy of the recipe to take home
Class Details
  • Cost is 175,000 won a person, minimum 2 people.
  • Classes are at 10am-1pm on Thursdays
  • For Reservations fill out the form below

Korean Lunch Box
Korean Dosirak or lunch boxes are an important part of Korea. the side dishes add flavor to the rice and make the meal nutritious. In this class, we'll learn how to make banchan and then plate it on rice. Lunch we'll give a demonstration how to make doenjang chiggae: Korean soy bean paste soup.

Cooking Class Highlights
  • Learn about the food history of Korean banchan
  • Watch a Chef's Demonstration on how to expertly make these dishes
  • Make your own version of the food with the chef's help
  • Have a delicious meal that you prepared yourself
  • You'll get a copy of the recipe to take home
Class Details
  • Cost is 65,000 won a person, minimum 2 people.
  • Classes are at 7pm-9pm on Thursday
  • For Reservations fill out the form below

In this class, we'll teach you how to make two iconic dishes that are favorites among Korean food lovers: Sesame Marinated Beef: Bulgogi and Glass Noodle Salad: Japchae. Our chef will give you a history about the dishes and then you'll have a hands on cooking experience to make your own. Bulgogi or "fired beef" is a very versatile dish that is usually eaten on special occasions. The sauce can by used with other meats as well and there are even burgers, fish dishes and more made with the sauce. Japchae or glass noodles is another special occasion dish which is usually present at birthday parties and weddings. The noodles are clear since since they are made out of sweet potato starch and the sweet and savory sesame soy sauce is excellent for all noodle lovers.


Our Cooking Studio
Cooking Class Highlights

  • Learn about the food history of two iconic foods
  • Watch a Chef's Demonstration on how to expertly make these dishes
  • Make your own version of the food with the chef's help
  • Have a delicious meal that you prepared yourself
  • You'll get a copy of the recipe to take home
Class Details
  • Cost is 65,000 won a person, minimum 2 people.
  • Classes are at 10am-12pm on Mondays 
  • For Reservations fill out the form below